Design Service

At Ron Briggs Design, we offer two distinct services: Costume-making and Costume Design.

The design service offers you choices to suit your needs.You may require a series of quick sketches or the more lavish presentation illustrations to secure a contract bid.

Our design commissions have encompassed all show types from legit theatre to light entertainment. Our designs have a distinct advantage of being 100% practical, drawing from more than 20 years’ experience in hands-on manufacture.

Ron’s design work has encompassed all forms of dance from ballet to ballroom. His flair with movement has generated commissions as diverse as the supreme athletes in Gladiators on South African TV, to aerial contortionists for leading circuses.

His designs for singers and musicals have covered everything from period to pop.

Designing corporate cartoon mascots has led to innovative materials replacing the traditional fibreglass mouldings. All Ron’s animal and cartoon costumes are designed to be lightweight and comfortable for the performer.

By combining our services in DESIGN & MAKING we can scale the costumes to fit your budget requirements and deadlines. An added advantage for productions, we can offer a complete costume package: design, supervising, buying and making all at our studios.

So if your production needs practical costuming, contact us for a chat to see how best we can serve you.


Cinderella, iBroadway, iHollywood, Boogie Wonderland, Land of Make Believe, Little Mermaid & the Pirates, Jack and the Beanstalk, Simply Ballroom.

Viva Italia, Victoriana, Touch of Genius, Vanity Fair, Vogue; The Deco Years, Sweet Soul Music, On the West Side, Funkadelic, Hit me with a Hot Note, Thank you for the Music, Rock @ the Opera, Limelight, Vocalise, Encore and The Look of Love.

Gladiators (4 seasons TV South Africa), Panache, Funky Attitude, Cinderella, Heaven Can Wait, A Touch of Webber, a Handful of Rice, Boswell Wilkie Circus - (20 annual productions), Sun City: Wheel of Fortune, Carousel Casino - (30 shows)

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